durugudungstuys dugudungstuys sprikidudongs Keep myself inside your head, like your favorite tune and know my heart is a stereo that only plays for you durugudungstuys durugudungstuys sprikidudongs :D

tongue tied

  • pau: say 'nakakapagpabagabag'
  • kopi: pwede touching nlng?
  • pau: eeeeee!
  • kopi: nakapagpagbabag
  • pau: hahahaha!!!!
  • --silence--
  • kopi: eh, nagugulumihanan?
  • pau: nagugu.. huh?
  • kopi: haha! :p
  • pau: nagugulumihanan!
  • --laughter--
  • --silence--
  • kopi: babe?
  • pau: yes?
  • kopi: pwede mo ba ko samahan?
  • pau: sure.. san?
  • kopi: habang buhay :)
  • pau(blushes): ayie!!!
  • rawr! cheesy..
  • omeged im so corny xD
  • LOL. XD
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recharge hug!one of the most effective remedies to a tiring week :)


I’ve been staring at my screen
Thinking of you and all our dreams
My cheeks hurt from smiling
Could it be because your eyes – mesmerizing

Played — 159 times
Trackname — Whirl
Artist — Make Me Whirl


you know me
youve seen me cry
youve seen me smile
youve seen me when ive just woke up
you still say im dazzling either way 
youve seen me happy
youve seen me sad
you say either way being with me makes you glad.
without you
there would be no me to love you

without you

there would be no me to see

there would no longer be

a reason to be happy….. zzzzzzzz

happy 50th! poi!

happy happy

If I have all the time in the world,
i know what the first thing id do
and thats spending the time
In pleasure sublime,
Just by being with you.
just being loved by you..