durugudungstuys dugudungstuys sprikidudongs Keep myself inside your head, like your favorite tune and know my heart is a stereo that only plays for you durugudungstuys durugudungstuys sprikidudongs :D


Nat Nattasha - Pleng tee chun mai dai tang

I’ve been staring at my screen
Thinking of you and all our dreams
My cheeks hurt from smiling
Could it be because your eyes – mesmerizing

Played — 159 times
Trackname — Whirl
Artist — Make Me Whirl

just to see that smile on your pretty face, ill do everything i have to…

 underneath your love is where i wanna be @paustevens

Because dear, when you kissed me .. I was gonna pass out for the night.

you’re all i ever wanted

"love is all that i need, and i found it there in your heart"

my love for you will last for a billion lifetimes

my love for you the brightest starlight in the night

how am i supposed to read your mind.

(shes kinda like this)

kinda like the feelin after your first kiss

except that everyday she makes me feel like this

@paustevens i’ll tell the whole world that you’re mine :)

you don’t have to be alone, I won’t let you go…